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Arieanne Evans-Hill Essays (266 words) - Mali Empire, Songhai Empire

Arieanne Evans-Hill November 27, 2017 History of Art 01 Dr. Jones West African Manuscript Questions Significance of original copies to the network. How does this change with Africa's place in European history? Compositions in Timbuktu give another comprehension of West African history. Monitoring the original copies is critical to the way of life in light of the fact that preserving history and repeating what occurred in the past is the means by which the way of life makes due on the planet. African history is based on oral custom, antiquarians accept that it's not solid but rather it is a source, regardless. Timbuktu makes an interpretation of into something identifying with books. The original copies likewise rendered as apparatuses to show Islamic practices and information in the network. The data in West Africa's compositions is an extraordinary wellspring of basic information which will consistently be useful for instructing. The presence of a composition is a legay inside itself in light of the fact that significantly after a whole unique culture is a distant memory, recorded history keeps the memory alive perpetually (whenever safeguarded effectively) and gives a sound method of fin ding out about it through words. With Timbuktu having compositions and fundamentally having a long history and set up culture before European dominion, it discredits the way that Europeans made Africans better when they caught them and put them into subjection. West African and Chinese compositions can be thought about in two different ways: both are basic to their particular societies when teaching individuals about the methods of the predecessors or for China's situation, about Buddhist divine beings and their connections just as finding out about and keeping West African and Chinese social history alive right up 'til the present time.

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Racism in Criminal justice system Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5500 words

Bigotry in Criminal equity framework - Essay Example It is something that happens more than we notice. Numerous researchers accept that bigotry assume an increasingly significant job in focusing on and condemning procedure in the criminal equity framework and this is something which ought not occur in any nation regardless. Bigotry assumes a fundamental job before the criminal arrives at the day of condemning in the court. There are different distributions that talk on profiling and actuarial strategies which reluctantly get individuals into the framework. Despite the fact that these are two significant segments of the prejudicial demonstrations that exist inside the criminal equity framework, it doesn't really start with these organized strategies. It is the laws and wrongdoing control approaches that make segregation in the framework. It has been seen that in certain examples these laws and strategies are set for the white individuals and contrary to the dark ones. The contribution of government is likewise basic in such circumstance s. It is their obligation to complete prejudice with the criminal equity framework so every single resident could carry on with a quiet life. Government ought to likewise ensure that each resident gets equivalent rights. In this paper, a point by point conversation has been done on the racial variations in criminal equity framework alongside its antagonistic impacts to the network. ... This shows prejudice exists. As per you what ought to have been done in that circumstance? One chance was to mastermind a gathering between the police boss and other senior individuals to talk about how the newcomers to the network were influencing law authorization. It is smarter to make an endeavor to disclose the laws to the newcomers with the goal that such episodes could be maintained a strategic distance from later on. The American residents should invest in amounts of energy to impart and work out with the police to support the newcomers so they could be given appropriate training in regards to the guidelines and guidelines. This endeavor could surely create a positive change at the institutional level. It is very evident that we can never be completely liberated from racial preference. In this manner we ought to be able to recognize and address prejudice since it results the unmerited benefits of a few and forces uncalled for confinements on others. The monetary solidness of a gathering of individuals is firmly connected with bigotry and except if it is concentrated completely, a network building exertion won't arrive at its maximum capacity. Racial preference and prejudice have been ordinarily rehearsed in the U.S. by the individuals with European foundation against different gatherings, for example, African-Americans or Latinos (Silas, 10). Nonetheless, racial preference and prejudice additionally lead to strains between individuals of non-European drop, for instance the pressures between African Americans and Asian Americans. As the U.S. turns out to be increasingly assorted and the individuals everywhere throughout the globe progressively taught, we should put forth certain attempts to decrease threatening vibe which makes contrasts in our physical characteristics and different perspectives. Regardless of what culture you have a place, it is very clear that

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Apathy, Lethargy, and Anhedonia in Bipolar Disorder

Apathy, Lethargy, and Anhedonia in Bipolar Disorder When my psychiatrist asked me to describe my mood, I told her it was a low, steady state of lethargy. The word lethargy didnt seem right, but I couldnt think of a more appropriate term. As we talked, she used the word apathy. I exclaimed, Thats it! Thats the word I was looking for! Its not lethargy, its apathy. These two termsâ€"along with anhedonia, which means loss of interest in pleasurable activitiesâ€"have some similarities in their meaning as used to describe symptoms of bipolar depressive episodes and clinical depression. Whats interesting is their differences. Heres a look at each word. Anhedonia The root words of anhedonia are the prefix an-, meaning without, and the Greek hedone, meaning pleasure. Thus, it means being in a state where you dont enjoy things you usually like to do. Here are some examples: In his normal mood, Michael loves to go to Los Angeles Dodgers baseball games. He even has season tickets. But during his last depressive episode, game days came and went, and Michael couldnt generate any enthusiasm for attending. Instead, he stayed home and didnt even watch the games on television.Anne loves to go shopping for clothes. When shes stable, she shops carefully, looking over and trying on many items to find the one piece thats perfect for her, whether its shoes, a dress, a top, a pair of slacks â€" whatever she wants that day.When shes hypomanic, she often splurges, buying items willy-nilly because she likes how they look. She may come home from the mall with three dresses, six tops, three pairs of shoes and two pairs of pants, plus scarves and other accessories. When the credit card bills come in, she often has problems paying them because of her reckless spending.But when she goes into bipolar depression, all that changes. Just last weekend, in a normal mood, she went shopping alone, enjoyed herself thoroughly, and came home with a sharp dress to wear to work. This weekend, a friend calls to invite her to go to a mall with two other friends. Theyll make a day of it, says the friend, shopping in the morning, having lunch together, then going to see a movie. But Anne isnt interested. She turns the invitation down and spends the day at home watching television and eating junk food.Candy is a social media freak. She spends hours on Facebook chatting with friends, posting her thoughts and updates, and linking to videos and memes. She reads everything her friends post and writes lots of comments. She plays interactive games.Then she goes into a depressive episode. She stops playing games  and posts about how bad she feels. She doesnt much care about other peoples updates and posts, and almost never comments on them. She stays offline from chat. Shes lost almost all interest in something that gives her great pleasure in normal moods. How Often Do People With Bipolar Disorder Cycle? Apathy The origin of this word is interesting. It comes from a form of the same prefix above, aâ€"meaning without, and the Greek pathos meaning emotion, feeling, suffering. Thus, apathy was originally defined as freedom from suffering. Sometime in the 18th century, the meaning changed to a sense of being without emotion or feeling: indifference, especially to matters that are important or appealing. It is broader in scope than anhedonia. Examples of apathy in depression: Lily has diabetes and needs to follow a careful diet to maintain her health. Normally she is conscientious about this and seldom has to look at the diet plan from her doctor and nutritionist  because she has it pretty well memorized.But when depressive episodes come, she becomes indifferent about her diet. Instead of having a well-balanced breakfast, shell eat a couple of slices of toast with peanut butter and honey. Shell often skip lunch and just have a hot dog or two for dinner. In between, shell snack on candy bars or other sweet treats.John has been canvassing in his town for a candidate in a local election. Hes thrown himself into it with energy and enthusiasm. An attractive and personable young man, he has been doing a good job, and snubs havent bothered himâ€"he knows thats all part of the effort.Not long before the election, his mood begins to spiral downward. He does less and less, sometimes visiting only 3 or 4 houses before quitting for the day. People are less responsive to him because of his obvious lack of commitment. What once seemed so important to him seems flat and uninteresting now. On election day, he doesnt even go to vote. Lethargy Lethargy can be a state of body or mind or both. In both cases, the core component is slowness or sluggishness. Being unusually drowsy or feeling numb mentally may also be defined as lethargy. Examples of depressive lethargy: Jane has three young children, one in first grade, one in Kindergarten, and one just a year old. While the two older children are in school (a full day for the first-grader, a half-day in the morning for the kindergartner), the youngest goes to daycare. Jane spends that time cleaning up after the kids, doing laundry, running errands, planning and cooking meals for later, etc.When shes depressed, most of these tasks remain undone. Some days she just goes back to bed. Other days she stays on the sofa. She may feel anxious about the dishes piling up in the sink or the laundry hamper overflowing, but she just doesnt have the energy to do anything about it. When she does attempt some housework, she feels so tired and sluggish that the simplest job seems like heavy labor.Aaron is normally a competent workerâ€"not brilliant, but steady, responsible and careful. During depressive episodes, however, he often finishes assignments late. Errors creep in because he doesnt proofread his workâ€"its too tedious and takes too much concentration. Co-workers notice him staring at his computer screen blankly with his hands in his lap. It isnt that he doesnt careâ€"its just that his mind seems to be working too slowly to keep up with his work. Disability Benefits for Bipolar Disorder Example of All Three Symptoms Together Diane loves to go walking and hiking in the forested hills near her home. Almost every weekend she plans an outing, sometimes with friends or her hiking club, sometimes by herself. The fresh air, the scent of the trees, and the exercise all buoy up her spirits. Taking a new trail just to see where it goes always pleases her. When she becomes depressed, the walks and hikes cease. Shes just too tired, or cant be bothered. She feels sluggish and dull (lethargy). The thought of walking just isnt appealing anymore (anhedonia). Then one weekend her hiking club galvanizes to help search in the forest for a missing child. In her normal state of mind, Diane would be at the forefront of the search, helping to organize and working tirelessly until the child was found. But today, she just doesnt even care about something most people consider critical (apathy). Someone else will find the kid, after all. She stays home, not even bothering to follow up on the search by phone.

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Competency, Self, And Self Esteem - 1936 Words

Working in a group or with an organization where they have diverse individuals with different characters is an important tool that helps people determine their strength and areas of development when working with others. It helps indicate one’s level of competency, self-efficacy and self-esteem; it also helps people to measure his or her potencies. Strength I have demonstrated thus far in my placement that I can strongly relate to this assignment is open-minded. I picked this because I am open-minded enough, and this makes self-disclosure easy for me to manage when working with different individuals. Within the context of my professional learning, it is required for a Social Service Worker to build trust with their clients in order to provide competent and effective services. Sometimes last month, I cannot remember the exact day. A gentle men client in his sixtyish walked into my placement, I did not notice who he was or exactly what he wanted at first, but he eventually walke d up to my desk asking about our employment services. His name is Roger. At this time, one of the employment service worker staffs named Latoya was at her desk close to my desk since she and I share the same desk as an employment worker. That is, Roger, Latoya, and I were involved. The client in question came to me talking a lot of things about his life, how miserable he believe is life is because he could not secure a job. He mentioned how many times he has sent out resume to many job postings, but didShow MoreRelatedA Reflection On Self Esteem1054 Words   |  5 PagesSelf-esteem is a term used to describe how a person judges themselves in terms of being valued, accepted and worthy. This evaluation of one’s self is extremely important as a child moves through each stage of development. It can determine a child’s future success or failure. A positive self-esteem allows one to make gains in achievement through hard work and effort. They are prone to accepting new chal lenges and working hard to attain a goal. If they fail, they learn from their mistakes and formRead MoreSelf -Esteem and Student Success1511 Words   |  7 PagesThe Effects of Self-Esteem on Student Success Cristine Scott Central Michigan University CED 502 Student Development in Higher Education Mr. John Lalibertà © In today’s’ society, success is often measured by academic and professional achievement. Higher education provides more opportunity and freedom. Statistics verify that generally, the more highly educated have higher earnings and there is a significant difference between wages earned by employees with College degrees and those without. HigherRead MoreMy Reflective Reflection Portfolio1001 Words   |  5 Pageswork harder. Self-Esteem Self-esteem is defined as self - competence and self - Love, also known as self - affirmation. In psychology, self-esteem can be an individual s subjective perception of someone else s image, which can be excessive or unreasonable.Psychologically healthy people have a higher sense of self-esteem and consider themselves a valuable person. They feel that they are worthy to be respect and more accepting of their own inadequacies. The elements of self-esteem are securityRead MoreLeadership Abilities And Competencies Of A Leader Essay1478 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction The leadership abilities and competencies of a leader are integral parts to the success and effectiveness of their performance and their team and followers. The development of these aspects of leadership is a dynamic process that includes a variety of interpersonal factors (Day, Fleenor, Atwater, Sturm, McKee, 2014). Such qualities like self-motivation is a requirement to the development of leadership skills in that â€Å"identity, meta-cognitive, and self-regulation processes are thought toRead MoreDifferences Between High Status And Low Status Children Essay1130 Words   |  5 Pagesaddresses. In that one is popular, high-status the other low-status, thus they have to learn how to work with each other as well as others in group activities and must navigate within social groups and relationships. Competency can lead a child to have high self-esteem or low self-esteem, thus enhancing or diminishing their status. â€Å"Children need to cope with new social and academic Social Relations in Middle Childhood Read MoreBusiness Management At The Ecole Des Hautes Etudes Commerciales Of Montreal946 Words   |  4 Pagesquestioning myself on that. When you have such a short meeting with someone, how can you know if a person is right for the job? Of course, the first impression can influence your choice but then, it would only be based on their appearance not on their competencies. For example, if a women walks in with dirty pink hair and smells bad but has an interesting CV, should it influence my decision in hiring that person? Wouldn’t that be discrimination? Nobody should be discriminated for a job for their global appearanceRead MoreSelf-awareness: Health Care Worker Essay1104 Words   |  5 PagesNMIH101 Self-awareness This essay will explore some of the aspects of self-awareness, with description and definition for use to the health care worker in the health care setting from various educators in all fields of health care from various aspects of evidence-based practice that involves, includes and is open to developmental learning for continuous improvement with Client-Health Care Worker outcomes. Self-awareness is the mental, psychological and physical attributes that are ingrainedRead More Maslows Theory of Human Motivation Essay1264 Words   |  6 PagesMaslow (1954) postulates that in order for one to focus his/her attention on the ultimate goal at the apex of the pyramid, self-actualization, one must first fulfill the needs at the subordinate levels. At the lowest level of the chart are the physiological needs, followed by the need for safety, the belongingness and love needs, the esteem needs, and finally culminating in self-actualization. This paper will demonstrate how various brain mechanisms work to satisfy each echelon of needs, and furtherRead MoreThe Three Competencies Of Leadership891 Words   |  4 Pagesindividuals, projects, or groups while providing effective decision making calls that revolve around a particular company, goal or people (Griffin Moorhead, 2013, p. 14). 2. What are the three competencies of leadership? †¢ The three competencies of leadership are leading the organization, leading one’s self and leading others. (Griffin Moorhead, 2013, p.15) 3. What are the three skills necessary for the process of management? †¢ The three skills necessary for the process of management are technicalRead MoreUse Of Neuroticism On Self Esteem1553 Words   |  7 Pageson Self-Esteem. Life Satisfaction is rapidly becoming a greater issue that is being researched and tested in countries all over the world. Positive levels of life satisfaction is associated with positive personal, psychological, and social predictors considered in both the future and the present. (Marcionetti Rossier). Positive life satisfaction can be a predictor for higher levels of self-esteem, greater knowledge of oneself, and a strong correlation of personality traits. â€Å"Moreover, self-esteem

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Water Desalination

Desalination (also spelled desalinization) is the process of creating fresh water by removing saline (salt) from bodies of salt water. There are varying degrees of salinity in water, which affects the difficulty and expense of treatment, and the level of saline is typically measured in parts per million (ppm). The U.S. Geological Survey provides an outline of what constitutes saline water: 1,000 ppm – 3,000 ppm is low salinity, 3,000 ppm – 10,000 ppm is moderate salinity, and 10,000 ppm – 35,000 ppm is high salinity. Water that contains saline levels less than 1,000 ppm is generally considered fresh water and is safe to drink and use for household and agricultural purposes. For a reference point, typical ocean water contains about 35,000 ppm, the Great Salt Lake contains variations of 50,000 – 270,000 ppm, and the Caspian Sea contains an average of about 12,000 ppm. The more concentrated saline is in a body of water, the more energy and effort it takes to desalinize it. Desalination Processes Osmosis Reverse Osmosis There are several setbacks of reverse osmosis. The membranes are currently prone to gather too much bacteria and â€Å"clog up,† although they have improved since they were first used. The membranes deteriorate when chlorine is used to treat the bacteria. Other setbacks are the arguable water quality that reverse osmosis produces, along with the considerable pre-treatment that the salt water requires. Forward Osmosis Pressure gradient desalinating water The main setback to forward osmosis is that it has great potential, but is still fairly new to large-scale desalination and therefore needs funding and research to explore the possibilities that could improve it and reduce energy costs. Electrodialysis Thermal Desalination Multistage Flash Distillation Multiple-Effect Distillation Negatives of Desalination Fossil fuels Geography of Desalination Middle East Saudi Arabia is currently the world’s number one producer of desalinated water. They use multi-flash distillation in several large plants, providing water for many large cities, including the largest city, Riyadh, situated hundreds of miles from the coast. In the United States, the largest desalination plant is located in Tampa Bay, Florida, though it has a very small output compared to most facilities in the Middle East. Other states that are developing plans for large desalination plants include California and Texas. The United States need for desalination plants is not as severe as many other countries, but as the population continues to explode in dry, coastal areas, the need increases. Future Options of Desalination Desalination is a process primarily done in developed countries with enough money and resources. If technology continues to produce new methods and better solutions to the issues that exist today, there would be a whole new water resource for more and more countries that are facing drought, competition for water, and overpopulation. Though there are concerns in the scientific world about replacing our current overuse of water with complete reliance on seawater, it would undoubtedly be at least an option for many people struggling to survive or maintain their standard of living.

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The Argument About Comparison Essay Topics

The Argument About Comparison Essay Topics The Pain of Comparison Essay Topics Prior to starting any paper, you want to get an understanding of the way to write it. The essay requires you to have good understanding about two subjects and be in a position to discuss them in fantastic detail. It's possible to restate your thesis statement and point out a number of the arguments used over the whole essay that backs it up. To compose a high-quality paper, you've got to understand how to pick your topic properly and utilize it to create a practical outline. Additionally, going through individual papers while looking for a well-written SAT essay sample is a tedious procedure, especially in the event you don't know what comprises good writing. Totally free essays in all their variety may be a great supply of selecting a paper topic for your upcoming paper. Free Comparison essay samples are offered on FreeEssayHelp with no payment or registration. Any superior essay introduction sample will probably have a robust and arguably thesis or central claim. The above mentioned compare and contrast essay topics are only a few of many topics you may decide to talk about in your essay. There are a lot of forms of essays, it is not difficult to get rid of an eye on all your writing assignments. Compare and Contrast essays may be one of the easiest kinds of essays to write. Secondly, completely free comparison contrast essays on just about any topic is easily found online. Since you may see, the topics are split between multiple categories so it would be simpler that you select one. Before you begin, it is essential to choose topics that you truly know well. It's needless to mention your topics ought to be precise and on point. In most instances, the topics you pick should be closely related. The Downside Risk of Comparison Essay Topics When writing any form of academic paper, an individual should be as specific as possible. It is possible to also order a fully written compare and contrast essay and alleviate the quantity of work you need to do. Despite the fact that you'll have different conclusions in the conclusion of each paragraph throughout the text, you also have to have a conclusion as a distinct role in the conclusion of your essay. Put simply, you should pick a topic that's narrow enough that you're able to acquire enough info to make a great paper, and broad enough that it may be comprehensively developed within the indicated word co unt. Nobody really wishes to compose an essay. The way to the perfect essay is via WritePaperFor.Me. If you're writing an essay, then take into consideration how you'll make a bigger point about both subjects being compared. Much like descriptive essay examples and other sorts of academic essays, a comparative essay can be made in various ways. In your introduction write a few sentences proving that there's a superb reason behind comparison. The first thing you should do before you get started writing is to opt for an acceptable topic to write about. Interestingly, such isn't the case with Molly and Morgan. If you're not ready, you will face a good deal of issues and difficulties, particularly with academic writing. The Basics of Comparison Essay Topics That You Can Learn From Beginning Immediately You only have to order a fantastic essay from experts with the greatest academic degrees in an assortment of fields. If so, you are going to be effective in your studies. Of course t heir anatomy differs and in many different ways they're different. The very first thing you ought to do is identify the form of compare and contrast essay which you are handling. The chief reason is they are comparison of two aspects either of the exact story or between two topics. Now that you're alert to the dangers of employing a compare and contrast essay sample, in addition to the simple fact that trying to find one is many times a time-consuming process in itself, you could be wondering whether or not a custom written essay service may help you. So as to draw a chart you should comprehend the qualities of the things to be compared. If you're in need of individual advice by means of your comparison contrast essay writing, you might contact us at any moment. When you assign compare and contrast essays, make sure that you remind your students of means to be certain they are truly comparing and contrasting both concepts. Free comparison contrast essay has many critical benefits. Firstly, it can be used free of charge.

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Importance of Reading Argument Essay free essay sample

In the last 20 years, reading has declined dramatically: in every age group, race, income group, and region. When people consider whether or not reading is important, they only consider childhood reading. While it is very crucial to read with your children, adults have just as much need to continue reading past schooling age. Adults as well as children should read any chance they get because the ability to read well is essential to function in today’s society, it stimulates the human mind, and it develops the imagination and the ability to learn new things. Everything in today’s society requires reading, from reading instructions to becoming employed. Imagine trying to do something as simple as reading the directions on a medicine bottle without good reading skills. Someone could misinterpret a crucial step and become very sick or even die. This could happen very easily today considering 46% of American adults cannot understand the label on their prescription medicine (The Literacy Company). We will write a custom essay sample on Importance of Reading Argument Essay or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Getting or keeping a job would also prove very difficult. How would you look to a possible employer if you said you didn’t have very adequate reading skills? It’s likely the job wouldn’t be yours. Even something as simple as walking or driving through the city could become extremely dangerous without sufficient reading and interpretation skills. Sometimes, the capability of reading words is not enough; you must be able to understand what is written and construe them. Having others help someone who is illiterate is an option, but it is most definitely not a very easy one. They cannot support themselves and must depend on someone else to function. It would be very challenging for them to even get a job because â€Å"Approximately 50 percent of the nations unemployed youth age 16-21 are functional illiterate, with virtually no prospects of obtaining good jobs† (The Literacy Company). Illiterate people won’t be able to help their children read. It may even end up that the child will start to teach their parent! Reading also stimulates the human mind. It gives us something to do besides watch television. Our brain is a muscle, and just like any other muscle in the body, if you do not exercise it, it turns to mush. Reading uses interpretation and comprehension unlike video games or television shows. When you are reading, you often pause to think about what you just read, or if you don’t understand a part, you can go back and read it again. When you watch television or listen to an audio book, even though the option is usually there, typically these are not paused. The average reader even spends about 1/6th of the time they spend reading actually rereading words (The Literacy Company). Stopping and thinking about things gives your mind an engaging activity and this helps improve mental health and stamina of our brains. It is actually said that â€Å"the best reading is often rereading† (Gardner 3). When reading to a child, whats a popular thing to do? Many pause and ask What do you think will happen next? inviting the child to explore their imagination and the story itself. Whether adults realize it or not, we do this ourselves when we read, always questioning what will happen next. Many people try to disagree with the importance and ability of reading on the human mind. Some people say that reading is a waste of time and we can do better things with our time. Reading is one of the most important aspects of our lives. Even if we don’t read books, we still read every day, and reading books only strengthens our reading abilities. Reading is one of the greatest things we can do with our spare time, as Joseph Addison so expertly said. â€Å"Of all the diversions of life, there is none so proper to fill up its empty spaces as the reading of useful and entertaining authors. Perhaps one of the most easily defendable arguments is the capability of reading to develop the imagination and the ab ility to learn new things. Reading can help your imagination take you anywhere or let you do anything. The more your imagination grows, the more able you are to go to new places on your own, without the help of a book. You can use a book to find out about a place, and with your newly expanded imagination, you can visualize the place and go there yourself. You can go anywhere, whether there has been an extensive book written about it or not. Who knows, you may end up coming up with your own world and having to write about it. Some also seem to object to reading often because there is always something offending people. Everything in today’s world offends someone, and that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do or use it? A good library has lots of types of books for many different ages, but like Jo Godwi said, A truly great library contains something in it to offend everyone. With a book, you can travel anywhere you want, do anything you want, and talk to anyone you want. With good reading and comprehension skills, you can get good jobs, and function great in todays society. A book has the power to cause our minds to long for more information and want to read more. They grab the reader’s attention and use their magical abilities to make the reader believe whatever the words may be saying. Reading is one of the most important aspects of our lives, no matter your age.